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Product description

Dimensions (W x D x H):
Wall rail 3,4 x 1,9 x 200 cm
Wall rail 3,4 x 1,9 x 100 cm
Wall rail anniversary set 3,4 x 1,9 x 70 cm
Shelf 80 x 24 x 1,9 cm
Shelf 80 x 30 x 1,9 cm
Magazine shelf 80 x 15 x 1,9 cm
Desktop Shelf 80 x 60 x 1,9 cm
Table 80 x 125 x 72 cm
Table 80 x 175 x 72 cm
Table 80 x 125 x 109 cm
Table 80 x 175 x 109 cm
Cabinet w/2 doors 80 x 38 x 42,4 cm
Cabinet w/2 sliding doors 80 x 38 x 42,4 cm
Cabinet w/3 drawers 80 x 38 x 42,4 cm
Cabinet w/writing/bar-folding 80 x 38 x 42,4 cm

Workstation only available with cabinet

Oak, black lacquered oak, smoked oak or walnut

Raw brass or stainless steel

Surface treatment:
Oil, matt lacquer or soap

Shelves will flex slightly over time but will still retain their structural integrity. We recommend a weight limit of 35 pounds/15 kg per shelf to maintain a straight profile.

The sliding doors are available in laminate or wood.


The iconic shelving system ROYAL SYSTEM® was designed in 1948 by legendary Danish designer and manufacturer Poul Cadovius, and has been one of the greatest Danish furniture successes in history. It was one of the world's first wall-mounted furniture systems, and the idea behind the design was innovative. Poul Cadovius saw a challenge in the heavy, space-stealing traditional furniture, which occupied too much floor space. With the introduction of the new wall-mounted shelving concept, the furniture was simply moved off the floor onto the walls, leaving more space in the room - as Poul Cadovius expressed it himself: "Most of us live on the bottom of a cube. If we put the walls even with the floor, we get a lot of space to live on".

ROYAL SYSTEM® consists of wall-mounted wooden rails, shelves with hangers in brass or stainless steel and various modules such as cabinets, drawers and desks, which can be customized in multiple individual combinations - in fact, Poul Cadovius claimed that the original system had 16 million combination possibilities.

In 2010, dk3 relaunched ROYAL SYSTEM® in various wood types, and the shelving system still remains a timeless classic with a space-saving, flexible design offering numerous possibilities for a personal, modern expression.