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Dinesen Douglas is available in full lengths planks that are up to 15 metres long, 45 centimetres wide and 35 millimetres thick and add a sense of exclusivity and calmness to every room. Long, wide and ever-lasting floorboards create a clean look that complements the architecture both in manors and castles, as well as in minimalist office buildings and modern homes.

Dinesen Douglas wooden planks are also available in random lengths which create a smooth transition from room to room. Another possibility is full length historical planks where each plank is made as wide as possible and thus follows the shape of the trunk that is wider at the root than at the top.

With more than 118 years of experience, high quality and expertise are the essence of Dinesen. Dinesen sources Douglas from European forests, where the trees have been tended and nurtured with the greatest possible care, and where respect for the forests and for nature has been the fundamental principle for generations. Dinesen uses only the best raw wood, and all the trees are replaced. Douglas is harder than pine and fir and has far fewer knots.

Quality and dedication have always been a top priority at Dinesen, and thus each wood floor is custom-made to match the client’s individual requests. A close cooperation with clients and architects in combination with Dinesen’s expertise makes it possible to create a unique solution for every project.

The actual production of the exclusive floors is a carefully monitored process, which ensures that plank floors from Dinesen always live up to Dinesen’s high quality standards.

All Dinesen floorboards are suitable for underfloor heating.