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Primo Acoustic | 2000 x 1000 mm design doors
Primo 1000 Acoustic
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Hinged door cabinet 2000x1000 mm with acoustic design doors. 4 shelves included and 5 binder heights. Assembly required.

Available colours (body + doors): White RAL 9010 + green fabric, White RAL 9010 + grey fabric, Grey RAL 7044 + grey fabric and Aluminium RAL 9006 + green fabric

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Primo Acoustic is the series specifically designed to increase the well-being of workspaces, putting the quality of the working life at the heart of the project. The evolution of offices into open space areas has improved the workflow and helped facilitate communication and teamwork, though it has also negatively influenced the level of acoustic privacy and concentration. The noise from workers communicating loudly or technological devices such as printers and mobile phones disperses, creating an annoying din that hinders concentration and reduces productivity and the quality of one’s work.To create an environment where you can work in favourable conditions, it is necessary to optimize the spaces and choose the most suitable materials for better sound quality. The inclusion of furniture that can simultaneously define areas of work, perform storage functions and have a positive impact on acoustics by incorporating sound-absorbing materials, offers the possibility to significantly improve well-being in the workspaces. Primo Acoustic offers an effective solution to these multiple needs with soundproof doors designed to improve well-being in crowded and noisy workplaces. Certificated according to EN ISO 354:2003, the Primo Acoustic cabinets have an average sound absorption coefficient of 0.70, which means that they absorb on average 70% of the sounds reaching them.