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DO4100 Cabinet system
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Product description

white painted gloss 70
aluminium handles

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The DO4100 storage series is dedicated to storage of ring binders and suspension files. The series comes with doors attached on the outside and is constructed with a view to placing a top on the cabinet (16 mm). The tops are produced in full lengths, i.e. three filing cabinets are fitted with a top of 2400x370x16 mm. The cabinet tops are made in a painted finish as standard, but can be optionally supplied in other finishes.

The cabinet body is produced from 20 mm MDF. The doors have extruded, anodised brushed aluminium knobs attached in a vertical groove and are designed by Anders Hermansen. The doors are fitted on internal hinges with a built-in closing mechanism.

The cabinets can be mounted on the wall, on wheels or on a base. Suspension fittings for walls can be adjusted horizontally and vertically from inside the cabinet.

Standard surface: White lustre 70 (high-lustre)

The cabinets are made in several measurements, for example as below (the measurements do not include the height of the base)

B:800xH:800xD:370 mm
B:800xH:110xD:370 mm. Equipped with suspension file drawers
B:800xH:400xD:370 mm (1 ring binder)
B:800xH:800xD:370 mm (2 ring binders)
B:800xH:1100xD:370 mm (3 ring binders)
B:800xH:1400xD:370 mm (4 ring binders)
B:800xH:800xD:700 mm (2 ring binders, double depth)

* Suspension file frame: Front piece (suspension file frames can be fitted behind doors)
* Drawers: Drawers in metal or finger joined solid wood in ball bearing slides
* Trays: Solid-wood finger joined trays that can be placed individually on shelves
* Vertical separators
* Shelves: Surface in white melamine with edges in ABS or painted. At 40 kg weight on the shelves through 6 months we have registered a minor curving of the shelf of 2 mm
* Base: Height 100 mm

Doors and knobs are designed by Anders Hermansen.