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Clear-PEP® panels
Our state-of-the-art gluing technology bonds our rigid translucent TRIcore honeycomb cores with transparent thermoplastic top sheets resulting in a panel with exceptional optical features. The 5 types of the clear-PEP® series mainly differ in top sheet material and its structure, dimensions and colors.

Common properties:
- innovative translucent optics
- excellent light scattering
- outstanding thermal insulation
- high impact resistance
- exceptional stiffness
- low weigth
- patented PC TRIcore honeycomb core
- easy to handle and process
- compatible with standard profile systems
- flat applications only

Clear-PEP® PC
Lightweight construction with excellent stiffness, using high transparent 1 mm non UV-protected PC top sheets.

Special properties:
- light weight
- high impact resistance
- excellent bending strength
- only for interior applications

Clear-PEP® UV PC
This panel combines unique optical features with the best thermal insulation. Highly transparent UV-protected thermoplastic 2 mm PC top sheets and our 10 year’s warranty enable a lasting exterior application.

Special properties:
- excellent UV and weather resistance
- high impact and hail resistance
- outstanding stiffness
- panel size up to 7800 x 2020 x 150 mm
- easy to install