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D5 Direction signage
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Product description

The more complex the information, the more important it is to have intelligently arranged visual text and direction signage that actually gets noticed. This involves ever more clear signs and indications in public areas, buildings and institutions. D5 now offers grading possibilities for this, too. For example, for concepts that take the principle of colour = language = orientation into account.


With D5, the company continues the development, production and distribution of office furnishing systems that it started in 1968: after the enormously successful modular system D3, the universally applicable shelving system was designed in collaboration with designer office Greutmann Bolzern, Zurich. Designers and company define five core markets onto which the new system can be ideally placed: office, library, shop design, direction signage and home living.

In the Denz tradition, D5 also boasts impressive functionality, clear, timeless and aesthetic design and great individualism. Denz D5 has been ideally complemented by the principles of architecture.

Denz D5 is a universally applicable, utilitarian shelving system that creates the balance between good shape and versatile, perfect functionality. Even though it consists of few, yet intelligent, parts, it offers infinite possibilities for design. Its programme is in its name: office, library, Shop, direction signage and home living are the five main functions and application markets. Yet, D5 is also an architectural element for structuring the room and a system for text and direction signs.

Denz D5 gives you a high degree of freedom of design. The few basic elements play more than just a “supporting” role. Sides and tabletops are interconnected and guarantee the inherently functional, extremely stable support structure. Additional bracing and diagonal strutting have been completely done without. Denz_D5 can be put together with different spacing – three width spacing options 70/100/120 cm and two height spacing options 26 and 35 cm. Fronts and rear walls can be decorated with architectural, photographic or graphic images or with text and direction signs.

The clearly structured shelf can be equipped and complemented with numerous functions. For example, with prospectus stands, flaps, draws and bookends. The perfect electrification allows the use of LED lighting technology and the integration of flat screens. They are simply attached by two standard slots.

Given the simple assembly, the elements are very easy to put up and take down.