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Butler W 927 DIM8
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222 031 11 92 ED8
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Interior lighting-Wall lights >
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Interior lighting-Wall lights >
Outdoor lighting-Outdoor wall lights >

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For one of the new ranges launched at the upcoming Light+Building, we joined forces with renowned artist / designer Arik Levy. The result is BUTLER, a surprising collection of exterior and interior luminaires.

Arik Levy is an artist, technician, photographer, designer, video artist... his skills are multi–disciplinary and his work can be seen in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide.The Butler is the first design by Arik for Delta Light®. The fine line between the indoor territory and outdoors today is blurrier than ever. Furniture and indoor living elements are drifting outdoors in style and function. The experience, comfort and style of our living rooms is extended to our garden.

The inspiration for this new collection was a coincidence of different elements, and a physical metaphor. On one hand it’s a re-interpretation of a well-known archetype, the most obvious classic lamp shade as we know it for many many years. The coincidental element came from Arik cycling through Paris years ago, passing by a big pile of folded paper, used to create the well-known plissé fashion classics. While its zig-zag shape recalls the past, it also creates a unique play of light. During the day the natural light enhances its form and creates shadow all around the shade... at night the light emitted casts a cozy and intimate light where ever the Butler is installed.