Product description

By means of the silver decoration the light is reflected in fragments, just like the sunlight on a water surface. Between the undulating ribbons a dark grey patina is brushed, which even accentuates the sloping game.

Product family


The main characteristic of this Topo mirror is the waving pattern of its frame. The line game in the frame reminds of the waves on the water and the topography of a landscape. It looks like a 3D topographical map. The PU frame is no less than 18 cm wide, giving the mirror on the whole a very grand and majestic appearance.
After a long search, our designers came up with a completely new finish (the TOPO already exists in a black decoration) that puts the structure of the frame in the spotlight. The warm silvery titanium finish is upgraded by manually adding a black-coloured accent giving this mirror an extra dimension. This is truly a piece of craftsmanship and due to the finish by hand, each item is unique and different from the other. It can hang in 2 directions.

118 x 158 cm