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The facets on the sides of a cut precious stone were the source of inspiration for this design. The “moving” pieces in the frame reflect the light each time in a different way. This results in a dynamic whole of light and colour, caused by the interaction of the mirror and its reflection. The reflection of the light on the gold or silver tilting surfaces creates shadows accentuating the drawing. For the more contemporary interiors, there is a white version in which the game between light and shadow is even more apparent. The frame, made in the well-known PU, looks like a broken surface with different parts shifting upon each other. The finish is not really smooth but looks like crumpled paper smoothened again, which is a very trendy feature on modern wallpapers. The mirror is 5 mm thick and not beveled.

Backing: The suspension is the type A metal wire hanging- the mirror can be hung in 2 directions using the eccentric discs.
Packing: Individual packaging in solid cardboard.
Dimensions: 93 x 123 cm
Production: in our own factories in Europe
Goal: a new stunning Decora mirror based on success of the Precious