Key facts


The reflection of the light on the white tilting surfaces creates shadows accentuating the drawing.
The “Precious White” is modern, very pure and simple in colour.
This mirror fits in a clean and light interior, without getting the upper hand thanks to its decoration.
Mainly the shape stands out well now (in case of a decoration with gold- or silver leaf, it is more the decoration that draws the attention).
The broken surfaces are a current theme, the colour white is new as colour, style, application…
The finish is not shiny, but solid mat!

Just like its brothers (Precious Silver 2693.161 and Precious Gold 2693.111), the “Precious White” has the well-known PU-frame. The mirror is 5 mm thick and not beveled. The suspension is the well-known metal wire hanging (type A in the catalogue), fitted to enable hanging the mirror in 2 directions (both horizontally and vertically) using the eccentric discs.
Individual packaging in solid cardboard.

Size: 93 x 152 cm
Production: in our own factory in Belgium
Goal: try to find a new and modern decoration for our mirror “Precious” 2693.