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DS 99
DS 99
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Relaxing-Recliners >


That floating feeling
A journey into oneself, freed from the constraints of the world about, can now commence in the incomparable DS-99 easychair which Stefan Heiliger has designed to afford the maximum in relaxation. Sunk in its cosy shell, it is possible to slip with sensational ease and infinite smoothness from an active sitting position, through a variety of snug reading angles, into a comfortable reclining position. The ultimate in relaxation can now be savoured thanks to this ergonomic cocoon of comfort. Both the look and the feel of the ultra-soft upholstery of the seat shell, which is clad entirely in supple de Sede leather, reinforce the sensation of hovering in the air. The sumptuous inner shell, which underscores the feeling of warmth and security, perches on a frame of rather austere lines in polished or brushed stainless steel. The symbolic effect of this exciting combination is interesting because of the sophisticated technical details which remain discreetly concealed. Without impinging on the shape of the seat shell, the complex swivel mechanism and runner function mesh harmoniously together and raise or lower a slim legrest at the bottom end of the chair. All in all, a unique design experience that floats you up to the very heights of Swiss precision engineering technology.