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DS 2650 BoCu
DS 2650 BoCu
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Jörg Boner >
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Seating-Armchairs >
Lounge area/Waiting room-Lounge chairs >


Unwind at ease, gently cradled in your favourite position. Its sweeping lines and welcoming seating surface ensure that the DS-2650 appeals in terms of both appearance and comfort. The central idea behind Jörg Boner’s design was a flirtatious transposition of two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms based on a wealth of very different surface shapes. The inviting seat has been fashioned to form an ergonomically perfect armrest that appears to have come into being as if by chance. Opening generously towards the front, it tapers to the rear to create a continuous shell. Cubist influence has been assuaged with gently flowing lines, stark surfaces tempered by subtle softness. The result is an armchair with an angular outer aspect and a pliant anatomically fashioned seating surface. Like a jewel box, this armchair affords relaxed and nonchalant seating and engenders a sense of being tenderly embraced. Whether you are relaxing at home or whiling away the time in a hotel lobby or office reception area, the DS-2650 BoCu satisfies every expectation you could have of timeless, comfortable seating.