Product description

X-Code visitor chairs with white or black plastic trim, available with or without armrests. Available in two trim versions. Cantilever model stackable up to 3-high stapelbar or not stackable.

Product family


X-Code – Innovative and diverse

With X-Code, each person can select the features they want according to their needs. They can opt for classic upholstery or an innovative mesh fabric, trendy colours or timeless shades and not least a chic backrest shell in either black or white.

As always, it is the details – in this case the styling of the “Wovenit” backrest in particular – that make this chair so special. It is not only as light as a feather, chic and multidimensional but can also be manufactured in a single step with no waste. Compared to conventional procedures, this saves around 30 percent of the material during production alone.

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