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Eno 760
Eno rug
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A minimalistic yet vibrant fusion of wool and forms

Reversible Eno is a pioneering, melange rug featuring a rhythmic pattern of adjoining convex felt shapes.
Designed by textile artist and designer Marloes Jongen, it combines the richness, thickness and volume of a tufted rug with the tight and refined expression of a woven one.

In crafting Eno’s innovative design, Marloes Jongen has utilised the non-woven qualities of the felt by cutting it into ‘new’ shapes. Woven with the thick wool yarn, these form the surface of the rug, giving it a distinctive volume and a very individual look.

Created using natural materials, handmade Eno demonstratesexceptional craftsmanship: as well as offering intriguing shapes, the rug is also filled with coloured wool fuse. This peaks out from between layers of luscious felt and subtly reveals itself when seen from the side.

The expression of Eno reflects Marloes Jongen’s design philosophy, which focuses on creating work that makes people feel, ‘calm, comfortable and relaxed’. As the designer puts it: ‘Eno creates this warm, welcoming and safe feeling we look for in our homes.’

Marloes Jongen named the fabric Eno as it shares many of the qualities of ambient music, which was pioneered by the famous singer and composer Brian Eno. Marloes Jongen: ‘There are many parallels between Eno the rug and Brian Eno’s music. Both are minimalistic, fuse different styles and are created using innovative techniques. Plus, they both create a special mood.’

Production method: Hand-woven
Material: 100% new wool, felt
Height: 25 mm
Weight per m2: 3200 g
Number of colours: 4