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Graffic is a tufted quality with many of the same characteristics as the D.W. Contract ColorTec, although with limited design possibilities.
D.W. Graffic is a highly durable contract carpet made of a 2 ply yarn in 80% wool and 20% nylon. This virgin wool, purely of British and New Zealand origin, gives the carpet its special unmistakable beauty, contributes to a healthy indoor climate and makes the carpet a delight to walk on. The nylon imparts durability and long life.
All yarns are pre-dyed to ensure premium colour durability. This means that the carpet will not lose its original colours even after years of wear and tear.
What also makes Graffic carpets so special is that the carpet is manufactured with an integrated 300 or 500 gram felt backing/underlay. This optimises the handling process in connection with installation but also ensures a unique comfort.
We have a wide range of qualities suitable for all areas - from hotel rooms to high traffic public areas. D.W. Contract Graffic is available in 4.00 or 5.00 meter width using up to 4 colours.