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Complete drains
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Product description

- Compact and flat
- Maximun installation safety, thanks to polymer concrete collar with integrated steel mesh reinforcement
- Suitable for high mechanical stress
- Thanks to build-in heights as low as 76 mm (CeraDrain Plan), also ideal for renovation/refurbishment projects, e.g. in old buildings or building upgrades

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Compact, flat and reliable: that just about sums up our complete drains for the point drainage of level-access showers. In their countless combinations, these shower and bath drains offer the perfect solution to virtually any installation scenario, whether refurb or new-build.

The all-in-one complete drains include Tisto, TistoStone and CeraDrain. Special features of the Tisto drains: Tisto anchors underneath the flange ensure extra strong anchorage in the screed. TistoStone can also be custom-tiled to either blend seamlessly or to provide a high-quality contrast. Thanks to their compact design, CeraDrain drains are ideal for renovation projects, whereby the steel mesh reinforcement strengthens and reinforces extra load areas for additional safety and reliability. Our multi-part complete drains are also available as thin-bed drains or with trim ring for PVC and rubber flooring.