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CeraFloor Individual
CeraFloor shower channels
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Product description

The modern bathroom/spa landscape has never offered more options to design and create your own unique wellness area. Customers are looking for solutions that are not only aesthetically and technically perfect, but also offer maximum design freedom. To meet this challenge, Dallmer has developed CeraFloor Individual: the minimalist, elegant cover of the shower channel can be tiled with virtually any tile of your choice – allowing you to perfectly match your existing bathroom landscape. Maximising your ability to create a bespoke wellness area tailored to individual requirements, the range is available in stainless steel matt, anthracite, rose gold and brass. CeraFloor Individual is available in a length of 1500 mm and can be adjusted with accuracy to the millimetre, thus making it suitable for aesthetic, flush installation in recess areas.

CeraFloor Individual Colours
- Stainless steel, matt
- PVD-coated, anthracite, matt
- PVD-coated, rose gold, matt
- PVD-coated, brass, matt
- Individual, for infilling with the surrounding floor finish

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Planned down to the very last detail – modern bathroom design is open, individual and contemporary – and level-access showers require solutions that meet the same aesthetic standards. CeraFloor offers a solution of understated elegance: minimalist in design and made of premium stainless steel, this shower channel complements any bathroom to perfection. The integrated cross slope ensures the reliable flow of water directly to the drain.

While CeraFloor is ideally designed for flush-in-floor installation, it is also suitable for front-of-wall installation – depending on the shower area. In combination with a drain from the DallFlex system family, it ensures safe and reliable drainage.