Aluminium and borosilicate glass housings made in accordance with European directives 93/68/CE, 89/336/CE and 94/9/CE governing electromagnetic and explosive atmosphere compatibility. Classification: II2G EEX d IIC T6 - II2D IP 67 T85ºC. Consists of a fluorescent tube that is switched on if the mains power fails

Format: Explosion-Proof
Operation: Non-maintained and Combined
Voltage: 230 V 50/60Hz - 110/120 60Hz
Autonomy (h): 1 and 3
Emergency lamp: FL 8 W / PL 11W
Lumens(lm): 140/620
Charging indicator: LED
Mains lamp: FL 8 W DLX
Degree of protection: IP 67 IK04
Electrical insulation: Type I
Test device: No
Remote stand-by: Yes