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Vela Quadra
Vela Quadra
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The refined juxtaposition of the shiny stainless steel surfaces and the prestigious ebony finishes define the looks of this new composition by Ferruccio Laviani. The exclusive work top is fully integrated into the bridge structure of the table, while the compact storage block is characterised on a formal level by the material and design of its front surfaces.

Innovative construction, functional and aesthetic solutions provide a personalized project. The domestic workspace is shaped by a modular system combined in response to your own specific needs. The kitchen offers refined, comfortable and rational surroundings created with carefully selected materials and fine finishes

The careful study of every construction detail is accompanied by exclusive manufacturing processes that ensure good technical performance and high aesthetic content. The structural solutions underline the simple design and light form of the project; innovative proposals for the workspace resolved with new-concept functional components and fine finishes that conceal advanced technology, always present but never ostentatious.

The traditional wooden kitchen is reproposed with strict simplicity and in a contemporary taste adopting refined formal solutions, exclusive workmanship and refined material and finish combinations. The intense colour of the dibetou surfaces is combined with shiny stainless steel.

Charming and charged with memories, this is a modern interpretation of the kitchen with dining area theme. The table is in the centre of the room, in front of the operational block; against the wall, the larder unit with built-in appliances and sideboard face each other. Grey oak, aluminium and etched glass come together in refined harmony.

The grey oak surfaces, worked with the care of the craftsman create a regular, simple and elegant weave that highlights the natural texture of the wood, further distinguishing the kitchen aesthetically.

The kitchen blends harmoniously with the open living room to create a space within the space. Different functions and needs mingle, co-exist and infect each other with order and balance.