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Since 2007, Cubit, the label for modular furniture systems, has been offering designer shelving of exceptional functionality, material quality and aesthetic appeal; development work on surface design and finishing has continued unabated ever since.

In 2015 Cubit launched a modular sideboard – an absolute allrounder. The idea is simple: A new stand gives rise to sideboards, entertainment furniture, side tables, games stations. It is made of oak and available with both straight and slightly sloping legs. Needless to say, that it is possible to combine the stands with shelf modules without tools –using the connector system. Thus, the shelves are granted a real lightness; which makes them stand out visually and sensorially from modules that are fixed, ‘floating’ on the wall. Small furniture consisting of a stand plus shelf modules can be repositioned in the room according to your needs.

As with the shelving system, the dimensions of the modules are based, on the one hand, on the standard book and music formats and, on the other, on the unusual dimensions of atlases or art books. Whether horizontally or vertically arranged, the extremely slim modules permit the placement of a shelving unit in niches or under sloping ceilings and stairs - letting you make the best possible use of challenging spaces.

Functionality. Thanks to the clever connector system, all the modules can be connected without tools. Simply position the connector in the circumferential groove of one module and attach the other.

And it’s just as easy to dismantle, convert or expand the shelving unit at a later stage. The connector is never visible. Using the hook system, shelving made of stacked modules can be securely fixed to the wall or individual modules so positioned as to give the impression of floating.

Material quality. The modules are hand made in Europe from MDF: clean cut edges and careful gluing and milling are your guarantee of high levels of sturdiness and accuracy. Multiple coats of paint are applied by hand, and the result is a flawless, satin finish characterized by intensity of color.

Aesthetics. The functionality is backed up by the purist design of the Cubit shelving unit. Nothing distracts visually or constructively from what is usefully stored or attractively presented. The content defines the modules. Their arrangement in combination with the wide range of colors - plus genuine veneers - and the large choice of formats give each user the opportunity to create a completely individual shelving unit.

In a nutshell: 34 shelf modules, 8 different depths, 23 colors, 4 veneers, mounting by means of a connector and hook system, plus a fair price-performance ratio, since planning, ordering and payment all take place online.