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Fabric poetry in motion
The new Systems Collection from Création Baumann

The new Systems Collection has it all! Integrated engineering, battery operated motors and operation via iPhone-App: The diverse systems from Création Baumann for roller blinds, panel curtains, vertical blinds, Roman blinds and curtain tracks are becoming ever smarter and easier to operate; in fact they already virtually run by themselves.

Alongside new textiles, such as light and heat regulating fabrics for roller and vertical blinds or sheer panel curtains in transparent fleece with elegant and decorative textures, the Systems Collection is all about technology and engineering. Powerful, battery operated motors with integrated radio receivers allow for simple fitting without mains power. The ultra quiet drive offers added convenience, such as ECOTRIC PLUS RTS, a high tech roller blind which can also be operated via a smart phone. With RAFFTRIC MOBILE Création Baumann introduces new filigree technology for Roman blinds. The soft plissé blinds can be mounted directly to the window. Positioning and size are determined by two horizontal end bars, which can be pulled up and lowered to reposition the blind or to open up and close the blind. Also new is the curved, motorised MONOTRAC POWER curtain track. The small radius and a maximum length of 15 meters make it ideal for use as a room divider in the contract sector; the track is now also available in a refined anodised aluminium edition.

Electronic control of textile systems is becoming increasingly more relevant and is not just a practical solution to where high ceilings and large glass frontages make manual operation difficult. The new
Systems Collection from Création Baumann offers diverse solutions; systems for manual operation will however be retained in the programme.

Innovative high-tech roller blind
A new generation of motors sets the roller blind collection in motion. ROLLECTRO is ultra quiet (less than 50 decibels), easy to operate and is also available with integrated radio receivers. With MEGATRIC coupling several adjoining roller blinds can now be controlled from a single drive, allowing a maximum of three roller blinds to be moved together in parallel over an area of up to six meters.
ECOTRIC PLUS RTS gets by without mains power supply. The battery operated roller blind with radio receiver can be operated using manual touch-control, remote control or by smart phone technology that is extremely easy to use. The integrated long-life batteries have a performance of 4 - 7 years and are easy to replace. ECOTRIC PLUS RTS can also be used for extra large roller blinds with a width and a height of up to 3 meters and is available in white, grey and refined anodised aluminium.

ALU META R and ALU SPOT R introduce functional designs for roller blinds and vertical blinds which reflect light and heat due to the use of aluminium. They offer not only glare and privacy protection but also make an effective contribution to the regulation of temperatures in interiors by reducing light transmission to around 4 - 8% and heat transmission to around 5 - 10%. Daylight can be cut out completely with DENSO R, a 100% black out fabric, which is also offered in a width of 3 meters for use in extra wide roller blinds. The transparent unis of the flame retardant SONOR II R and FRESCO R feature a natural linen look. SONOR II R is available in a range of 24 colours. ORA R and KAYA R, two new designs on the much loved fleece quality of Spider, display dainty motifs and graphic flower prints in five different colours; they are also suitable for use in panel curtains.

Flexible Roman blinds
RAFFTRIC MOBILE enhances the range of options and provides greater flexibility at the window. The filigree technology was developed as extensions of the Roman blinds, which were introduced in 2011 and which can be fixed directly to the window frame. Opening out and closing of the Roman blinds from either the top or the bottom determines size and positioning of the blind; whilst the aesthetic quality and the characteristic bundle formation of this type of hanging are retained. Thanks to the new technology the blind, which is offered initially in a maximum size of 150 x 150 cm, can now be offered in the most diverse textiles. With up to 600 designs in 6 ́000 colour settings, the collection from Création Baumann offers an almost inexhaustible range of options.

Individual control for vertical blinds
A new motorised option with integrated radio receiver ensures accurate and targeted positioning in vertical blinds. METRIC III POWER RTS facilitates customised protection of light and glare to control sun ingress by using a dial on the remote control to set and finely adjust the positioning of the vertical blinds. Similarly, the technology of the manual option was overhauled with respect to functionality and aesthetics; vertical blinds up to a width of 6 meters and a height of 4 meters can now be set in motion and simultaneously rotated from one control. The required chain is now also available in a refined metal edition.

The new, flame-retardant vertical blinds do not just offer glare protection and enhanced privacy they also provide an efficient way to regulate heat ingress in interiors. The aluminium coated reverse of ALU META (12.7 cm) and ALU MONO (12.7 cm) reflects sun rays to reduce light ingress to approx. 4 - 8% and heat transmission to approx. 5 - 10%. The two vertical blinds are available in two or five, muted shades respectively. Excellent function values are also obtained with ALU SPOT (12.7 cm) a polyester fabric with interwoven reflective ribbons in aluminium to reduce heat intensity in interiors.

The new Systems Collection is a further demonstration of Création Baumann’s creativity and innovative strength in interior shading systems and functional textiles.