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Straw Panel
Straw Panels
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Dimensions WHD: 1300x2000x 14mm


These straw panels boost the natural soundabsorbing and sounddeadening quality of straw and at the same time – working as a diffuser - provide for naturally pleasant acoustics in the room. Straw is an excellent renewable resource as it can be grown fast and in huge quantities as well as being extremely durable. It features an almost perfect hydrophobic outer skin and an enourmous abrasion resistance, for which reasons it has been used as roof covering for centuries.

Our RURAL is available in two versions: as NATURAL and GOTHIC. It is produced in a special multi-layer veneer technique from crosswisely layered and compressed straw.
With the RURAL GOTHIC we have taken the liberty of imitating the lustre of sunlight on the straw by means of gold inclusions. This gives it a very subtle yet unique aesthetic vibrancy, which unfortunately is really hard to capture by means of photography – but which will capture you when you see it in real life.