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Integrity by Cosentino® is the line of Silestone® sinks. Integrity by Cosentino® is a milestone in the quartz industry, it is the first 3 dimensional element, produced from only one piece of Silestone. These sinks have all the traditional features and benefits of Silestone®: absolute health, beauty, durability, high resistance to scratching, stains and usual acidic wear-and-tear in the house.

The product has been designed to simplify the installation process so that it becomes fully integrated with Silestone® worktops, providing a perfect finish. Integrity by Cosentino® has become the perfect solution for the most demanding users who seek both aesthetic and functional qualities.

Tile Format: 30x30cm. 40x40cm. 60x60cm. 60x30cm. 60x40cm.
Large Slab Format: 327cm x 161cm (limited colours) and 304cm x 138cm. Other made-to-measure formats are available on special order.
Thickness: 1.2cm. 2cm. and 3cm.