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The brand that includes the supply of Cosentino Group natural stone

Scalea by Cosentino® represents a new approach to natural stone, a new way to understand and work with materials. It is a commitment to innovation and creativity, for the most advanced design and improvements in features.

Through Scalea, Cosentino Group maintains its commitment to the field of traditional products such as marble, quartzite, granite or slate. They have their own quarries and preferential agreements with foreign quarries and a wide network of Centers, which are the all vital components for the promotion of Scalea products, in which the design speaks for itself.

As for marble, traditional Macael Marbles stand out, including the renowned White Macael,originary from Macael town in Almeria which also is the originary town of Cosentino Group.Other stones such as "Pearl", "Tranco", "Moon Cream", "Ivory Cream" or "Travertine Nazari." and new ranges of stunning quartzite or elegant slate are among the many stones distributed by Cosentino Group.

Due to its lush beauty and variety of colours, it deserves to be called the flower of the rock, whose unique beauty and hidden message is created in the core materials of the earth. Marble is the model of its attributes; its vitality is evident in its metamorphic origins and its versatile use for the unlimited variations of beautiful applications. Marbles that range from intense colours to lighter tones, all of which are copious with veins that are distributed sinuously over the stone, creating striking colour combinations.

Available Formats/ Flooring and Panels:
2 and 3 cm: 60x60, 60x40, 60x30, 50x50, 40x40, 40x30, 30x30 Other formats under request.
1 cm: 61x61, 61x30,5, 61x20,3, 45,7x45, 30,5 x 30,5 for the majority of materials, except for the slate that is available in 60x30 cm. format. (1 cm. pieces with polished and belleved edges).

Boards: Boards of 2 & 3 cm, in medium size from 2,00m. to 1m.-1,40 m.

Blocks: Stone blocks at request with approx. size 3 m3

Finishings: Mirage, Glasé, Leather, Century.