Light and shadow
in a delicately graduated interplay of the elements: rays of light pierce through the separate sheets of the thincut-series – and atmospherically valorize the entire room.

The sculpture’s forty lined-up sheets are moulded by hand out of biscuit porcelain; a soft, lively material, which natural liquid state can still be divined even after bisqued firing. Fine waves and moulding traces, which originate from the manual working process, are integrated esthetically. Hence every model gains its very own unique character.

The constructive elements – from the support to the canopy – show a subtle modesty, and are reduced to their function, thereby offering the porcelain the space needed to achieve its full effect.

Thincut pendant lamp
Biscuit porcelain, processed alloy fittings, illuminant 5x G4 Miniglobe 35 W/12 V
100 x 22 x 22 cm