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Bond is the name given to the table series created by the design duo Aust & Amelung, because it joins everything. It features extremely mobile, rollable and height-adjustable laptop tables, trolleys, side tables, as well as a serving cart with a leather insert and various recesses for work utensils and a bottle plate. “Our goal was to create highly flexible furniture,” say Miriam Aust and Sebastian Amelung. “Each part of the family performs its own function and can be used like a tool.” Even the side tables, with their offset, slightly flared legs, seem to be on the go. Interestingly, handcarts were among the initial inspirations. What has remained is the curved handle which says to its users: Let’s do it!

Bond stands for clear design that takes on striking qualities. You could almost believe that the minimalist nineties had joined forces with the filigree fifties to create this series of side tables, serving trolleys and presentation tables. Yet they are quite contemporary.

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The world of the office is changing. Some co-working studios look more like a cross between a teenager’s bedroom, a hotel lounge and a club. Nine-to-seven is supposed to be fun, after all. The value of a job is no longer determined by company cars, pay cheques and bonuses — the top priority now is ambience.
Agile concepts rely on the permanent exchange of ideas and knowledge. And that can happen anywhere. Non-territorial workplaces and digital platforms where everyone logs in decentrally and takes their workplace home or to the café will soon be the standard. The digital revolution is tearing down all barriers. Things are becoming more hybrid, more homely, and at the same time faster and more open. The desire for warmth, feel and comfort is to some extent the natural reaction to the digital office. If there is a megatrend, then it is this: Long live variety! Future work architectures offer options. Withdrawal into the thinker’s corner? No problem! Or would you rather be nice and close to your colleagues? Of course there’s room at the community table!

Homely worlds
Where is the world of work heading to? The evolution of the office, which once transferred the principles of the assembly line and the factory into the world of paper and communication, is changing into a permanent revolution. Today, performance no longer comes about due to the serialisation and reproduction of a single, once successful concept, but due to many possibilities. Mixed teams, old and young, women and men, locals and the well-travelled, constantly need to find and reinvent themselves. The question is therefore: Is it possible to translate digitisation, trust-based working hours, new management principles and flat hierarchies into a coherent interior? The world of tomorrow will be more colourful, more fun. And at the same time clearer, more technological, more superior. This is not a contradiction, it is simply a sign of a networked age in which a tweet can trigger a digital earthquake. Life at work following the demise of the classic office can be anything, just not grey.

So why is COR allowing itself a room for experiments, a COR LAB? “We are not the first to think about the new way of working,” says Managing Director Leo Lübke. “What is new here is that several designers are working together on a major project.” So how do we want to interact? The COR LAB uses the same methods as the modern working world: agile, disruptive and always in motion. In the COR LAB international design teams create new furniture and spatial concepts for the workspace: Uwe Fischer, Aust & Amelung, RelvãoKellermann und Pauline Deltour.

“We were supposed to think about how collaboration will work in the future,” says Leo Lübke. “And we wanted to develop the right tools for this purpose.”

This is why numerous smaller items of furniture have been created which can be arranged in many different ways — nomads that are mobile and adaptable.
COR is not an expert on workplace furniture. We are specialists in upholstered furniture in the home segment — and it is precisely this expertise that we wanted to incorporate here. Because mobility does not exclude quality. On the contrary: an agile piece of furniture must also be able to withstand something — and emanate something. So we decided to transfer our DNA to the COR LAB as well. Selected fabrics, perfect workmanship and local woodworking are com- bined with fresh design. Leo Lübke: “We banked on everyone talking to each other as equals, with each person providing input and everyone reacting to each other. There’s something experimental about it. Hence the name: COR LAB.” You can get an impression of the inspiring atmosphere at — with films, interviews and exclusive photo series.
The programme of the COR LAB combines the best of both worlds: comfort and mobility, quality and lightness, rich detail and clear lines. It impresses with unpretentious charm and fine details.
Four design teams focused on the central questions of work in the future (What will it look like? Where will it take place? What inspires us — and how?) and provided three-dimensional answers. All quite simple, and all there in the here and now. As good tools that accompany us everywhere:

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