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Loopino lavatory faucet G10, with IR-Sensor, with mixing, with drain assembly - battery
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Bathroom taps-Wash basin taps >

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loopino lavatory faucet G10, with IR-Sensor, with temperature-mixing, chrome - battery Touch-free, electronically controlled lavatory faucet: - Modular single-piece design without separate installation box, - Sturdy brass housing, chromed - Dual infrared sensors (with automatic setting feature), microprocessor - Reliable solenoid valve (minimal level of water pressure surge) and economic aerator - Warm and cold water supply connection with flexible hose - Check valves and built-in filter - Battery box below lavatory washbasin - Scald protection adjustable - Temporary-off (cleaning) and continuous water flow time (filling of basin) activated by Click-plus - Continuous water flow time and hygienic rinse water flow time adjustable with function key - Follow-up time and sensor sensitivity adjustable with function key - 12,24 or 48-hour hygienic rinse activatable with function key - Installation similar to conventional single-lever faucet - Compatible service monitor: control of stored operational data, settings and control functions - With drain assembly Click-plus: Protruding function key Click-plus (continuous-on, Temporary-off) Battery: 6 V Lithium CRP 2 - commercial; life time up to 4 years Operating pressure: 0,3-10 bar Flow rate: Approx. 6 l/min. (3 bar) Max. water temperature: 80 °C Aerator: Economy aerator, cascade self-cleaning Flexible hoses: 350 mm Angle valve connection: G 3/8 Built-in filter: 0,5 mm mesh size Sensor-sensivity: Automatic self-adapting sensor technology Follow-up time: 1 sec. pre-set (adjustable with function key 0-5 sec.) Continuous water flow and hygienic rinse time: 2 min. pre-set (adjustable with function key 0,5-20 min.) Temporary-off: 2 min. (fixed) Engineering standards: DIN EN 200

150.101.11 battery
150.111.11 mains operation exposed
150.016.11 VARIOconnect

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