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PediTred® (G4)
PediTred® (G4)
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Product description

Weight: 3.31 lbs./sq. ft.
Application: New construction & renovation projects.
Colors: 6 tread options available including carpet and recycled rubber.
Thickness: PediTred ¾” deep. PediTred LowProfile ½” deep.
Flamability: Class I fire rated.

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Stop dirt at the door with our durable PediTred® entrance mats. Ideal for high-traffic areas, the deep architectural grids enhance traction and scrape shoes to trap large amounts of dirt, mud, slush, and snow. And with many aesthetic choices, PediTred matting looks as good as it works. This eco-friendly and functional matting system is perfect for new construction or remodeling applications.

MATERIAL: Aluminum tread rails; Nylon 6,6 carpet fiber; Polypropylene backing; Polypropylene monofilament; EPDM (25038-36-2) cushions and rail connectors.

FEATURES: Insert options removable & replaceable. Designed to handle heavy rolling loads. Rolls back for cleaning.

CERTIFICATIONS: Certified as a safe walking surface by the NFSI at .6 wet SCOF. Cradle to Cradle Certified™ silver.