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Weight: Floorometry max. weight: 101 - 11.8 lbs. / 201 - 11.7 lbs. / 301-14.4 lbs. / 401-22.7 lbs.
Application: New construction & renovation projects.
Sizing: 18" x 18" modules.
Options: Custom radius/end conditions: angled endwall, endwall, inside radius, outside radius.
Colors: Color options available per pattern number.
Features: Product surface removable & replaceable. Designed to handle heavy rolling loads.
Thickness: 3/4" thick. *Thickness of Floorometry 401 varies due to insert thickness.
Flamability: Class I fire rated.
Certifications: Certified as a safe walking surface by the NFSI at .6 wet SCOF.

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Construction Specialties, Inc., the entrance flooring experts, is pleased to introduce Floorometry®, an exciting new floor system that offers architects and designers hundreds of exciting visual possibilities for their entrances. From a stunning stainless steel weave pattern to highly customizable geometric patterns, each Floorometry entrance system offers designers unprecedented design freedom. Floorometry is a modular floor system that is engineered to install just like ceramic tile, one 18" x 18" panel at a time. All Floorometry products feature recesses to trap dirt, mud and water, keeping building interiors clean and dry. And, Floorometry's surface panels can be removed at any time for a thorough cleaning thanks to the system's mechanical hold down device. Choose from 101, 201, 301, and 401 models.

MATERIAL: Stainless steel, stainless steel w/ recycled rubber, natural or engineered stone. Aluminum common mud plates.