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Style entrance doors
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Product description

Copper is a natural product and provides an absolutely robust, corrosion-resistant and weatherproofed surface on the exterior side of the door. There are currently 12 design options available (see also the copper doors brochure). Specially designed handles have been developed to match each model.. These custom-made products can be used as house doors, as well as apartmentor condominium entrance doors. After pressing the copper plate, the surface is polished, patinated and varnished by hand.

On request, the frame can also be covered with copper.

Main features

Twin-shell duotherm technology
Solid door leaf construction, TS 96 mm
High-quality fittings and security components
Customizable door dimensions
Traditional material of copper

Product family


Classic apartment doors
The classic line of apartment doors shows off our traditional side, as our roots lie in the manufacture of high-quality style doors and panel framed doors. Accordingly, we have a huge range of different models and design variants available that you can choose from (refer to the section on “Style doors”). Just as with our front door models, you also have the option of designing the inside of the door separately from the outside.