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3D Relief CX 033
3D Relief
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CX 033
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Product description

Relief: cx - 033 H ( Abb.) Direction: H , V (horizontal, vertical) Rapport: Repetitive on all sides Cutting depth: ca. 8mm

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Three-dimensional, milled relief panels that permit numerous variations in terms of structure, materials and surfacing. Whether wall, ceiling or furniture design, complexma 3D relief is synonymous with special, innovative solutions. A unique product is generated three-dimensionally, its diversity of relief setting new benchmarks – while remaining as customisable as you would like it to be.

Storage and processing guidelines
complexma 3D relief panels should only be stored in dry, enclosed spaces. The ideal storage temperature would be approx. 18 °C in conditions of relative atmospheric humidity. Exposure to direct sunlight or heat sources is to be avoided. complexma 3D relief panels should, under all circumstances, be processed in a single operation. Wood-based materials are subject to natural shrinkage or swelling, depending upon the atmospheric humidity. Immediate further processing minimises processing requirements. When using complexma 3D relief panels, corresponding expansion joints allowing for wall clearance, as well as adequate rear ventilation, are to be provided. Large-scale structures should be machined using appropriate fittings or dovetail battens wherever necessary. A suitability test should be carried out prior to using relief panels in damp environments.

Standard: 1000 x 2750 x 16 mm
Maximum individual sizes: 1250 x 2750 x 16 mm.
Direction and Rapport
The direction of the relief (milling direction) can run the length or the breadth of the panel. The repeat indicates where and how the relief recurs within the panel. The milling depth defines the deepest point of milling within the raw material.

The complexma 3D relief are available as standard in MDF, incorporating options such as MDF B1 and moisture-resistant MDF; further materials are available upon request. Surface and Finish. Choose between the following surface options: MDF – natural, MDF – primed white, MDF – painted in accordance with RAL / NCS colour charts, MDF – laminate-coated. Further surface finishes can be produced upon request. Laminate surfaces are available in a wide range of colours and textures. You can view a small selection of laminate surfaces on page 11. Please note: The colour reproductions and decorative finishes are only indicative. When ordering decorative laminate finishes, please also specify the direction of the relief. A repeat within the decorative finish is gene- rally not feasible.