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Rodney is a simple and cost-effective monitor arm that offers a full range of ergonomic requirements to a user. Screen supports supplied with monitors only offer vertical adjustment - Rodney has 430mm of horizontal reach allowing different focal lengths to be easily achieved for an all round user experience.

With desk clamp included, integrated cable management and security features as standard, Rodney monitor arms are ready to install and use immediately with no add-ons required. They are designed to be compact and to maximise desk space.

A slick and flexible monitor stand, Rodney caters for a broad scope of users of various shapes, heights and sizes as well as for diverse furniture types.

Key features
All-in-one-box ergonomic solution which removes the need for complex specifications
Compact and unique design frees up desktop space
430mm horizontal reach
Environmentally friendly - material usage is considered
Easy manual height adjustment
Clever self-balancing tilt mechanism combats screen glare with seamless adjustment
Provides integrated cable management
Security features come as standard