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Daisyone is a compact monitor arm support solution that allows dual monitor screens to be mounted at the same height on a single post, without the need for an additional back-to-back bracket.

This geometry also enables Daisyone to fold to a compact size, which means less packaging and more cost-effective logistics. A multi-monitor stand solution, Daisyone allows up to four monitor arms to be mounted on a single post over two tiers.

Daisyone allows for the monitor to be positioned in either landscape or portrait positions and includes a quick release monitor mount security feature as standard.

Key features
An ergonomic solution for both single and multi-screen application
Converts to multi-monitor stand solution by inverting the second arm onto the post
Up to four arms can be mounted on a single post (in two tiers)
Monitor can be positioned in either landscape or portrait positions
A 180° stop function is available as an additional extra, preventing potential damage to privacy screens.