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2.79 Pendulum Clock
2.79 Pendulum Clock
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CLOCKWORK 2.79 Pendulum Clock

Is there something ticking on your wall? If not, it is high time that there is! Inspired by the iron clocks of the late Middle Ages, Martin Fischer has re-interpreted the traditional wall clock. The result is a spectacular skeleton clock – the Clockwork 2.79 captivates the imagination not only through its unique form, its precise function and reduced design but also through its surprising use of materials. The untreated brass and matt-finished steel, lend an urban-industrial touch.

From the CLOCKWORK 2.79 swings a nearly two-meter long carbon pendulum. Due to this length it has a reduced frequency, giving the impression that time has slowed down. The connection between the mechanical gears and the pendulum, the escapement, divides time into single beats. As CLOCKWORK 2.79 is mounted directly on the wall, with no casing, the escapement becomes an eye-catching feature.

The clock face is cut as silhouettes and the minutes and hours turn past the hands that are fixed in position. This unusual arrangement induces the viewer to think about the nature of time. The drive weight is raised with a crank, allowing the pendulum to swing for eight days.
CLOCKWORK 2.79 is hand made in Switzerland employing modern technology.

List of materials

-The pins of the escapement, the intermediate-gears, the clock face-gears: untreated brass.
-The framework, the other gears, the drive weight, the pendulum bob, the fork and the pin wheel: matt-finished steel
-Pendulum rod: extruded carbon

Technical specifications

-Escapement: pinwheel escapement
-Length of the pendulum: 1.98 meter
-Frequency: 2.79 seconds per oscillation
-Bearings: all the pinions run on ball bearings.
-Running time: 8 days