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new Tensoled
new Tensoled
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Product description

new Tensoled is the new version of the Tensoled, first launched in 2013, with a power supply fitted with a built-in dimmable driver in complete harmony with the luminaire’s design. The single-emission lighting body can be installed pointing downwards, for direct light, or upwards for indirect light, as the TensoClic can be turned through circa 310°. The new Tensoled can replace any Tenso fitting in existing installations.

Technical description Tensoled:
dimensions: Ø25,width 29 cm
connecting cable lengths lamp-ballast: 40 and 150 cm
source: 84 ultra-low voltage LEDs arranged on a board with a rapid connector in case they need to be replaced
power: 33W
luminous flux: 3000 lm, 2800 °K, CRI≥80
finishes: silver

Product family


High-tech LED light on cables
A LED luminaire with dimmer for interiors, providing direct or diffused light. The structure in die-cast aluminium, ground and painted with a silver grey finish, cater for both aesthetic and technical requirements, the LED board in the centre of the 52 spokes, that act as dissipator. The lighting body can turn through an angle of about 310° on the TensoClic mountings, by orienting the light upwards or downwards. To be combined with TensoAlimentatore led. Available in two versions: 1x33W and 2x33W.