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Componi75 due soffitto 25
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cromo, nichel satinato
2 x 60W eco halo

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Compose your own lamp with your own hands. Change your light without having to change your lamp.
With its three interchangeable components – a ring, a disk and a lens, which are all easily assembled on the basic structure by hand – Componi is the lamp you can compose endlessly.

for smaller places or in series to create patterns of light

for illuminating large and medium-sized spaces

10, 100, 1000 lighting solutions
Componi200 and Componi75, with one unit or two units
- structures for wall, mirror, ceiling, floor, desktop and for reading
- light beams from 40° to 140° wide
- colourless transparent, opalescent, cross-hatched or coloured rings
and disks
- low or high concentration lenses
- scenographic lamps coloured in various shades.
Componi, an endless kaleidoscope of lighting solutions.

types of light and illuminance
The endless compositions that can be achieved using Componi’s various rings, disks and lenses create all kinds of lighting: diffused and accent, direct and indirect.
Using the cross-hatched, opalescent and satin disks, you can create soft and diffused light with three different degrees of intensity.
The transparent disk lets all the light through, creating well-defined beams of light.
The lenses concentrate the light and narrow the beam down.

compose with colour
Coloured light can be achieved using:
- dichroic disks
- coloured rings
The dichroic disks can be used individually or combined with the satin disks and the lenses to achieve coloured nuances and beams of light.
The coloured rings produce a diffused lighting effect. The disks, lenses and rings can be combined to create multicoloured effects, or used individually to create chromatic details.

Componi200 and Componi75 have:
- disks with 7 finishes
- lenses with 2 levels
of concentration
- rings with 10 finishes
The disks and the lenses can be used individually or combined:
- the satin disks can also be
combined with the coloured disks.
- the coloured disks can
also be combined with the lenses.
The Componi75 and the Componi200 structures are available in a chrome or nickel-plated satin version.