Product description

Assolo43 appoggio, (table lamp), with an external diameter of 43 cm, is a larger version of the existing 20 cm Assolo appoggio. While the 20 cm version was originally intended for the nightstand, the Assolo43 appoggio has a broader range of applications and is equally at home in a lobby, on a table or even standing on the floor, where its use of a dimmer generates atmospheric lighting. Its impact can therefore be both decorative and functional at the same time. The LED is housed in the upper part of the lamp, facing down towards the floor. With touch dimmer control.

Product family


The Assolo family expresses its originality in a linear, compact design and in the unusual slice of light given off when the lamp is switched on. The wall and ceiling versions project an evocative pattern of light. LED wall, ceiling, table and freestanding luminaires with dimmer for interiors, providing indirect light. They can be coloured to order in all the RAL and NCS (Natural Colour System) shades.