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Product description

Content: Vinyl Surface with Polyester Backing
Finish: Zeron Protective Finish
Backing: Polyester
Weight: 30.0 oz./lin. yd. 1.0 oz.
Width: 54 inches
Repeat: Horizontal: 54.0 inches, Vertical: 22.0 inches, directional
Roll Size: 30 yards
Abrasion Resistance** ASTM D-4157: Exceeds 200,000 double rubs - heavy duty
Break Strength CFFA-17: Warp: 121.0 lbs. min., Fill: 72.0 lbs. min.
Tear Strength CFFA-16: Warp: 18 lbs. min., Fill: 18 lbs. min.
Colorfastness to Light AATCC-16: 1000 Hours, Class 4.0
Crocking AATCC-8: Dry: Class 5.0, Wet: Class 5.0
Fluid Barrier: Inherent Fluid Barrier
Antimicrobial: The protective finish on this product includes silver ion technology which inhibits the growth of microbes on the protected surface.
California Technical Bulletin 117-2013, : Passed
UFAC: Class 1
NFPA 260: Class 1
NY / NJ Port Authority (FTMS 191-5903): Passed
Boston Fire Code BFD 1X-1: Passed
FAA 25.853 (b): Passed
MVSS 302: Passed
IMO A.652(16) 8.2 & 8.3: Passed
None: None