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Kora | Composition 1
Cesar Arredamenti >
G.V. Plazzogna >
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Kitchen systems-Fitted kitchens >
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Product description

Kora white elm laminate - pearl grey satin lacquer
White elm Synkroporo laminate doors on base, tall and wall units. Pearl grey satin lacquered doors on base and wall units. White aluminium Yara handle or push-pull opening device. Base unit top and island side panels in 1.2 cm thick Tatum finish Veined Michelangelo composite. Clarion food preparation unit with 1.2 cm thick Tatum finish Veined Michelangelo composite top with 6 cm edging, white metal structure. Trilli open units in white elm Synkroporo laminate, 1.2 cm thick. Stainless steel Cubia island hood.


Kalea is a programme with a lively, contemporary and evolved personality. It stems from the desire to revolutionise the usual sequence of kitchen modules with unchanging widths but also from the need to meet modern living requirements by offering great freedom of arrangement and the capacity of adapting to the dimensions of contemporary homes as well as offering models that suit the open space kitchen-living room trend. Kora is composed like a real puzzle thanks to the doors in different widths and heights and to the availability of a set of opens units to fit into base units, larders and wall units in an apparently random way. These units are available in laminate or lacquered with bold colour contrasts that turn the kitchen into an even livelier and more unconventional place. An original emotional note is offered by the frame that runs along the entire edge of the kitchen and that consists in side panels and tops for base units while it also runs along the bottom of wall units or wall-hung base units. The result is a harmonious “cage” that encloses the fanciful sequence of doors and open units and completes the arrangement.

Technical features:
Door: 2.5 cm thick. Available in: satin lacquer in Cesar’s range of colours; elmlaminate with Synkroporo finish; oak laminate with Matrix finish; pastel coloured laminate with silk finish.The white version has a laser-finished edge. Trilli open units, 1.2cm thick, in various heights and widths,namely 30, 45, 60, 90and 120cm; available in Synkroporo, Matrix and silk-effect laminate; or in satin, silk-effect or gloss lacquer in Cesar’s range of colours. Clarion food preparation units and tables with a brushedsteel or white or brown painted metal structure. White aluminium recessed Lola handle with a chromed orwhite frame, also available in brown or chromed aluminium.