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Frida | Composition 4
Cesar Arredamenti >
G.V. Plazzogna >
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Kitchen systems-Fitted kitchens >

Product description

Frida gloss white pine
Base and tall unit doors in gloss white pine that open thanks to a white aluminium grip recess. Corian Glacier White, 4 cm thick top and peninsular unit that becomes 16 cm thick for the sink and hob unit. White laminate shelves, 4 cm thick. Stainless steel Parentesi island hood.


Frida has a strong and resolved personality that pursues minimalism as a symbol of uniqueness and beauty and achieves it thanks to the use of innovative technologies and materials. In fact, the door can be faced with gritty matt or gloss polymers or with the brand new sliced veneer finish; alternatives are the shiny polyurethane finishes in demure white and clay shades. Matt polymer offers a gentle light oak colour and two bolder shades of the same wood type: grey and clay oak; for this type of finish the door is available plain or can have a handle that is moulded into its thickness: the panel is carved to obtain a recess that offers a comfortable and ergonomic grip. The result is really elegant, also because the inside of this recess is faced in the same finish as the front. The sliced veneer polymers are available in rigorous zinc ash or in enveloping cocoa ash and have a slightly textured surface. A stylish detail: the inside of this type of plain door can match the carcass colour in white, cord or smoky grey. The very original pinewood grain has been selected for the plain, gloss polymer door that is set off by elegant white or grey shades. On the other hand, two measured and refined shades have been chosen for gloss polyurethane: white and clay.

Technical features 2 cm thick door. For the matt polymer finishes the door is available plain or with an integrated handle. Only the plain door is available for gloss and sliced veneer finish polymer and gloss polyurethane finishes. Carcasses available in: white, cord or smoky grey; the inside of the sliced veneer polymer door can match the colour of the carcass.