Key facts

C_Day K14 | Composition 8
C_Day K14
Cesar Arredamenti
G.V. Plazzogna
Architonic ID:
Storage/Shelving-Wall storage systems
Storage/Shelving-Shelving systems

Product description

C_Day K14 provençe oak and smoky grey melamine, satin mustard lacquer.
The base units can be floor standing to better set off the wall-hung units. The jumbo drawers have grip recesses that make them easy to open. The fresh Provençe oak shade is brightened up by mustard lacquer, used as a counterpoint.


C_Day is the first Cesar system for the day area. The Venetian company has decided to put its forty-years’ experience to the service of this new project to meet the requirements of modern homes that have gone through a substantial transformation in recent years. The C_Day system (whose name derives from a combination and abbreviation of “Cesar” and “Day) has been designed to be the ideal continuation of the Cesar kitchens: in fact the name of the first K14 collection preserves its link to the Kalea kitchen of which it maintains the same 14-mm thick door. The furnishing solutions that it offers are creative and versatile and well suited to the adjacent kitchen area yet have a great personality of their own. C_Day K14 allows you to create arrangements that are distinguished by precise graphical lines and a strong rational imprint. In fact, the system is based on framing structures that create perimeters or frames giving order, composure and balance to the units and shelves arranged inside them creatively and following well-studied geometric lines.