This sandstone was already well-known at the time of the Medici family in Florence, whence it takes its name of “Pietra Medicea”. It was widely used for floor and wall tiling both indoors and out, and is one of the toughest stones quarried in Italy. In its search to reinterpret these stones, Cerim has taken inspiration from the harmony of the patterns in this natural product, in order to create an unusual colour variant of it in porcelain tiles.

This collection, characterized by elegant, fluid lines, comes in 4 neutral, simple, gentle colours that you can immediately envisage in your own surroundings.

With its two surface textures, all functional needs can be met and it enables the various areas of the architectural whole to be integrated, making them ready to welcome the fresh air of the countryside.

Excellence has a strong character, with its roots in the past, but capable of representing refined modernity and the intimate domesticity where you can make statements about yourself.

Dimensions (cm) fine pocelain stoneware

21x40 modulo listello sfalsato (matte)
30x30 mosaico (matte)
30x60 (grip)
30x60 (matte)
60x60 (matte)