Elegance is not an accumulation of outward appearance and exhibitionism. It’s style, awareness, moderation, a balanced mixture of instinctive taste and careful choices.
Elegance is sober, and sobriety does not mean deprivation, but the possibility of choosing what we consider necessary, also from an aesthetic point of view.
Every small detail when functional, pleasant, carefully prepared and presented in an elegant manner can contribute to make more welcoming the environment we live in.
With the right dose of simplicity, essentiality and pleasantness, ELEGANCE by Cerim allows you create refined and tasteful settings.
With this fresh collection, Cerim interprets the graphics of the snow-white marble of Carrara and the warm Crema Marfil, retracing the centuries-old elegance of marble with soft and discreet hues that perfectly adapt to contemporary life and to the needs of the everyday living.

Dimensions (cm) glazed porcelain stoneware tiles

60 x 60 (shiny)
60,8 x 60,8 (matte)