To decorate is the imperative dictated by the new interior design trends, Bloom is Cerims' reply.
An explosion of sinuous floral patterns, in alternative to solid-colour, to freely assemble between floor and wall, to ironically elegantly dress the surfaces.

Bloom floor tiles are available in five solid colours: white, black and three warm shades, presented in 48x48 size, with 16x48 strip and a 5x5 mosaic (mounted on mesh). The shades are the result of an accurate research and can be matched between them with numerous contrasting or intonational combinations.

Realised in 16x48 cm white-body size, the Bloom range of floor tiles comes in 6 colours (White, Green, Tobacco, Brown, Black and Superwhite) and has a glossy and brilliant surface.

On the whole, Bloom is ideal for hotels, shops and homes that love "contamination" of styles.

Dimensions (cm) white-body and fine porcelain stoneware tiles

16,05 x 48,15
48,15 x 48,15
3 x 3 (mosaic tesserae)

Fiori mix/4

16,05 x 48,15 (wall)