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ART is a cement-inspired blend of traditional and avant-garde styles. It has a natural-looking surface and is available in a sophisticated range of soft, natural, neutral colours, enhanced by large rectified formants. A contemporary surface, both in texture and looks, it is made in porcelain stoneware using digital technology and is available in four large rectified sizes with the additional decorated cementine tiles, offered in the small
20x20 format to enrich residential and commercial interiors in an elegant, contemporary style. The ART range is completed by the white-body wall coverings made with slightly more subdued graphics. They come in 4 colours, some in the same shades as the stoneware flooring (Tobacco and Graphite) others in slightly paler shades (Silk and Pearl), available in the rectified formats 30.5x91.5, and in various three-dimensional structures, Net and Sign.

They constitute a range of surfaces with a metropolitan character for covering floors and walls, in commercial and residential interiors, with a strong contemporary impact: porcelain stoneware meets modern, white-body wall coverings enriched with textured three dimensional structures and the cementine tiles, for a modern interpretation of these surfaces created by skilled artisans. The innovative combinations of different materials, colours and finishes create up-to-date and comfortable interiors perfectly balanced between tradition and design.

ART represents the perfect blend of beauty and practicality. Its sophisticated minimalism expresses a style that has a contemporary spirit, up-to-date and able to adapt to lifestyle design, with a bold use of materials that retain their beauty over the years.