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Graph Color GP 021
Graph Color
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Flooring-Ceramic flooring >
Wall coverings-Wall tiles >
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Product description

50x50 cm (20"x20") h 1 cm

25x25 cm (10"x10") h 1 cm

10x25 cm (4"x10") h 1 cm

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Graph or millimetre paper is printed with fine lines making up a regular grid used for precision drawings. The collection of rectified glazed stoneware tiles named Vogue Graph reflects, in its very name, the aim of being adopted by designers and end users as a drawing tool for vertical and horizontal surfaces. The three available sizes and the 29 colours of the Neutral and Color series can be matched with coloured grouts to create countless combinations suiting every environment in which Graph is to be used. Its easy-to-clean, R10 non-slip surface is suitable for residential and non-residential applications, such as offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals and sports facilities. With its micro patterns and colour contrasts, Graph makes its mark on any room. At the same time, its discreet design makes it easy to pair with other materials and furnishings. Because any interior design should encompass materials that "speak" and "listen" to one another, in true Ceramica Vogue style.