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Pennellato a Mano Classico Verde Ramina
Pennellato a Mano Classico
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Product description

Hand brushed: It’s the typical technique used in the making of Vietri ceramics to produce single coloured tiles. It is realized with the stroke of a large brush which leaves irregular streaks of colour. The streaks in different tonalities are a distinctive trait of this procedure, the so-called pennellata (the italian for brush stroke).

Material: hand-decorated double-fire tiles (also available in handmade cotto, stoneware and anti-slip, if requested)
Francesco De Maio production: handicraft (double-fire and cotto handmade) and Industrial (stoneware and anti-slip)
Finishing: Smooth
Sizes: 5x5cm - 10x10cm - 13x13cm - 20x20cm - 5x20cm - 7x20cm -- 10x20cm - 10x30cm - 6,5x26cm - 20x60cm - 30x30cm - 53x53cm
Spessore: 10 mm - 12mm (30x30cm, 53x53cm)
Composizione: 1pz
Complementary pieces: Pennellato a Mano can be combined with the decorations in various colours and sizes.
Colours: Verde Ramina
Pennellato a Mano is sold in box of 1mq (or 1,12mq).
Intended use: internal and external (stoneware and anti-slip) walls and floors, domestic and non domestic environments.
Technical features: Resistant to sudden changes of temperature (stoneware and anti-slip), easy to clean.

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Copper Green, Overseas Blue, Yellow-Orange, Purple Red, Light Blue, Manganese and Maraca (turquoise) are just some of the colours employed in Vietri ceramics. These colours are obtained by mixing a series of powdered pigments, according to ancient craft techniques. Once ready, the colour is distributed according to the ancient procedure of pennellato a mano (the italian for hand-brushed) on the Bianco Vietri glaze, when still unfired, where it will react during the long cooking process which generates the great alchemy of Vietri ceramics. The hand-brushed palette, full of Pennellati a Mano Classici, allows the realization of a wide range of decorations characterized by several colour combinations.