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Cassina challenges a new designer:
Patrick Norguet reveals P22, a contemporary interpretation of the classic bergère armchair

“My intention was to design a relaxing armchair, respecting classic traditions but at the same time mixing modern influences.”
Patrick Norguet.

Comfort first and foremost
Patrick Norguet debuts in his first collaboration with Cassina and presents a contemporary lounge chair which stands out for its comfort. P22 is an inviting and comfortable armchair with a timeless yet contemporary design. A complementary footrest, which also acts as a pouf, allows one to stretch out for even further relaxation.
A modern tribute to classic forms from the past
Cassina’s historical archives boast classic and evergreen designs from great architects from Parisi to Ponti. P22 is a modern interpretation of these classic pieces of furniture that the brand has wilfully decided to produce as it recalls warm memories and at the same time takes a step forward towards a future identity. As a result P22 becomes a modern tribute to what the Cassina brand represents.
Distinctive aesthetics
The profile of P22 is striking thanks to the geometric form of the cast aluminium legs which elegantly support the lounge-chair’s embracing high backrest. The effect is like a cocoon, in which one can retreat and relax.
A combination of materials
Available both in leather and fabric, Patrick Norguet gives a contemporary twist to the traditional lounge-chair by proposing 5 possible combinations of leather or fabric for the exterior shell and fabric for the interior. The result further intensifies the warmth of the armchair making it an even more tempting invitation to relax.

Measurements: lounge-chair 79x87xh.112/41cm; pouf/footrest 61x46xh.41cm.
Structure: polyurethane foam.
Frame: iron with elastic belts.
Base: shiny cast aluminium, or painted matt black, matt grey-beige or matt chestnut brown.
Upholstery: all leather, all fabric, 5 combinations with exterior in leather or fabric/ interior in fabric. The interior upholstery is removable thanks to an elegant and discreet zip that runs around the armchair’s profile.