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Measurements: 56x58xh.45/77cm
Materials: frame and armrests in natural, stained black or stained oak solid ash wood or Canaletto walnut, supporting structure available in 16 colours of saddle leather or 4 pigmented colours of saddle leather with a black rear and black edges from the Cassina Collections.

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Vico Magistretti’s 905 chair makes a comeback.
Sophisticated carpentry and saddle leather craftsmanship. A simple masterpiece 100% MedaMade. Cultural heritage for a modern chair.
The 905 chair, designed by Vico Magistretti in 1964, was in production by Cassina until 2000. Today the brand brings this historical piece back from its archives by updating its finishes and refining its workmanship, always with respect for the original project and in close collaboration with the Magistretti Foundation. A winning combination of wood and saddle leather. The 905 chair is characterised by cylindrical legs, arched armrests and the use of plush materials to enhance its
elegant demure. The piece unites Cassina’s consolidated experience in the workmanship of saddle leather and high quality carpentry and can therefore be considered by all effects MedaMade, the trademark deposited by the brand
to guarantee the utmost quality.
The 905’s complex workmanship results in a seemingly simple chair, confirming the geniality of Vico Magistretti’s original design.
Cassina’s has applied its expertise to relaunch this masterpiece with innovative production methods, underlining the chair’s structural features with aesthetic details. The frame, made from solid ash wood or Canaletto walnut in Cassina’s carpentry workshop, is representative of the brand’s ability to perfectly combine traditional craftsmanship with the sophisticated technology of numerical
control, 5 axes milling machines.
The self-supporting seat has been developed for this improved version in one piece of reinforced saddle leather rather than two coupled pieces sewn together: together with the backrest it gently curves around the chair’s frame with apparent simplicity thanks to Cassina’s trademark refined workmanship. While the first model’s decorative seat stitching has been removed to offer an even more essential design, the rear of the chair is still embellished with a leather belt to further support the backrest and increase comfort. Here, on the lower support, the Cassina logo has been branded directly onto the saddle leather in order to mark its