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184 Eve
184 Eve
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A unique concept chair, extremely light and minimalistic, for which Lissoni offers a palindromic, bidirectional interpretation. The simple geometric frame exudes more warmth in the wooden version - walnut, natural or black stained ashwood - becoming an ideal complement for domestic spaces. With a stronger and more striking character, the version in aluminium alloy adapts perfectly to work and public spaces. It lacks rigid boundaries but is extremely adaptable to diverse environments thanks to its purity of form.

Both versions are available with leather seats and backrests. The sensation of linearity and delicacy is enhanced through Cassina's innovative techniques for assembling leather elements. Thanks to a clever configuration of sizes and folds, the upholstery fits like an "envelope" slipped over the frame, completely lacking in any signs of stitching and thus enhancing the continuity and harmony of the surfaces. Visually sleek, suggesting the abstract.

A special focus on functionality. The shell is created from thermoformed plastic and a fine polyurethane sheet. The curvature of the front of the seat adds even more comfort to Eve.

Dimensions: cm 57 x cm 44 x h. cm 76 cm (wooden version)
Dimensions: cm 56 x cm 42 x h. cm 76 cm (aluminium version)

“Against the light, their shared DNA is apparent. But a close examination of their qualities reveals the unique allure of each. One is skeletal, strong, scintillating, completely metal. The other, slender, smooth, warm, elegantly natural. One, a transgression of form. The other, politely anticonventional.” Piero Lissoni